Featured Sites:

Hand Coded ChrisMoving.com Craig's List (CL) Ad* Note: CL restrics use of DIV tags and therefore tables & in-line styles work best.

ChrisMoving.com (Moving Company, production site)

Montsalas.com (WordPress, custom AS3 header, production site)

Pluritas.com (IP attorneys, CMS, production site)

LightLivingProgram.com (production site)

MontereyBayChef.org (production site).

GreenLinkElectric.com (production site).

MontereyPeninsulaHome.com (production site)

MRaeder-Photography.com (staging site)

E-Mail Marketing Samples

E-Mail Marketing Sample 001

E-Mail Marketing Sample 002

E-Mail Marketing Sample 003

Free Hosting Sites:

These websites were designed to showcase what can be done with FREE Google hosting (Blogger.com and Google Sites).

EliminateGarbage.com (production site, hosted by FREE Blogger.com)

APlusMarina.com (production site, hosted by FREE Google Sites)

WasteTerminator.com (staging site, hosted by FREE Google Sites)

Obviously, there are size, bandwidth, and branding limitations with any FREE service; however, their drag-and-drop CMS is an amazing tool for beginners. You can also use your own domain name, graphics, custom XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, and incorporate many third-party plugins. These free hosting sites are ideal for a small one-person shop, hobby site, & personal/family site. You can add e-commerce components (shopping cart, newsletter signup, analytics, etc.), but due to branding restrictions (all sites will have an annoying FREE Google logo footer), we don't recommend these free sites for businesses.

Other Sites:

QuantumHealthBalance.com (production)

GaleriaPrado.com (staging)

TransformativeResources.com (under development)

JetStreamATM.com (under development)

Case Studies:

Website Name: KleissInk.com

Industry: Education

Current Status: Full Production

Site Description: Jill came to us wanting an edgy site. She wanted to showcase writing from her students, collect payments on the site, monitor traffic on the site, and earn a little cash from the Amazon Associate program. Everything was delivered on schedule and she is very happy with the result. We trained her so she could manage parts of the site herself.

Technologies Used To Create Site: CSS/XHTML, JavaScript scrolling menus, Flash/XML slideshow, Google shopping cart, Wordpress blogging engine, Google Analytics, Amazon Associate Program, PHP/MySQL database, Google Custom Search, SEO ready, and other cool stuff.

Website Name: BayAreaAHEAD.com

Industry: Education/Volunteer Org

Current Status: Full Production

Site Description: La Toya came to us asking if we could volunteer our time to build a site for the non-profit Bay Area AHEAD organization. Since we are community oriented, we agreed to build the site. Since they want to modify the content themselves, we decided to implement a CMS (Joomla). With a CMS like Joomla, changing website content is as easy as turning the kitchen light on and makes the client much less dependent of the web designer/developer for content changes (huge $$$$ savings).

Technologies Used To Create Site: Joomla CMS, XHTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, Joomla search plugin, fully functional registration PHP form, Yahoo "Get Directions" plug-in, LIGHTBOX photo album, YouTube embedded videos, and lots more.

Website Name: SayGoodByeToSugarCravings.com

Industry: Weight Loss

Current Status: Full Production

Site Description: Chris came to us wanting just a simple page to sell her award-winning weight-loss shake. This site is still under development and some functionality has not yet been added. We added this site to the portfolio mainly to showcase our graphics and layout skills. All our sites use CSS to control the presentational elements.

Technologies Used To Create Site: CSS/XHTML, shopping cart (by 1ShopppingCart), Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, and SEO ready.


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